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Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're chaineeeeeeeed

Shoe lust part deux. (well not really since I've done like 3 'shoe lust' post here and here) Me thinks this should be an ongoing thing.... Yeah? Yeah. If you know me then you know I have been collecting Nike Dunks and other especially awesome trainers since I could walk. So out of all the things I talk about on this here blog these post mean the most to me. Also I should add that I covered THOSE Chanel light up heels in my first ever 'Shoegasm' post way back in March of this year. They are so dope. I wonder whey ppl are just now fawning over them? Hmmm...

Awesome kicks by ???

These are the most beaten up/ /amazing kicks to ever exist. EVER. I believe that if I owned them they would become my 'go to trainer', like to slip on and just go places... I don't necessarily know what places I would be going but I know it would be awesome.

I know I'm not the typical 'Versace girl', but I can't help but love these. They remind me of the curtains in my nan's (aka grandmother) tea room. Which of course brings back lovely childhood memories and so on. In short, I apparently can make connections with Versace heels and my childhood. FUCKING GLAMOROUS.

I gather that if you don't own these (me included) your life is significantly less fulfilled. I mean I don't want to be the person to say 'ZOMG I LOVE THESE' but uh, ZOMG I LOVE THESE... Oooops! Couldn't help it.

Alexander McQueen
All I can say is, "Try to copy this Steve Madden" Although I should add that I'd simultaneously give Steve Madden the middle finger whilst patting him on the back, that is if he could pull this off.

Converse x Missoni
Did I mention I'm a sneaker head? Oh.. I didn't, well I am. So its kind of a given that I love these kicks. You could wear them so many ways since the tribal print has the diff colours included.

Diet Butcher (Slim Skin boot)
I've noticed that 'work boots' or industrial boots have been getting play in some editorials and showing up on more ppl on streetstyle blogs. I really dig this trend, and I can just borrow my Dads old work boots FOR FREE as opposed to buying from a store.... but if I were to buy from a store I would purchase these.

Casely-Hayford Spring ‘10
Uff, these are so cute! Don't you agree? Of course you do, why wouldn't you. Its like the epitome of a good shoe.

They are a goddamn ROLLOVER STUDDED COMBAT BOOT. nuff said.

Louis Vuitton
So I should say before I type anything that I am in no way a 'label whore'. You kinda have to love these... plus the fact that I saved these in my file labled 'Shoe Lust' (you see I am not making this shit up, a file on my computer actually is labled Shoe Lust) under the name 'Louis Vuitton omg these are seckss'

Nike Liberty Milkfed Dunk Hi

Remember when I said 'I collect Nike Dunks' well these are Nike Dunks, and these are a part of my collection...
Say hi to them, they will say hi back. They're very friendly, you know. (I do admit that I am slightly strange. So What.)

I am not worthy. These particular YSL booties are that of the wonderful Childhood Flames. and like I previously stated, I am not worthy.

Vivienne Westwood Bondage Boot
Just. Look. At. Them.

(fotos found at various places on the internets, most are from this Tumblr)

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