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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok so I died when I saw these from the Salvatore Ferragamo for Yohji Yamamoto collection and even way before the collection debuted and was strutting down the runway in a red hue as I remember. Could you imagine the sight of the always wise Yohji and the Flamboyant over the toppness of Salvatore (first name basis of course) in a room. thinking. for the common good.

I imagine it as being a yin and yang type thing one side very stark and white
(Yohji's side obvs) whilst the other is an organized mess with sketches strewn everywhere in the loudest colours and every hue imaginable and then they come together in the middle to share their ideas and the world becomes a better place. the end.

No shoegasm is complete without a pair of Chanel pumps.
Um. Karl! Lets talk. Why is there a Light Bulb on the heel of this shoe? I know you are not supposed to question greatness but, no there is no excuse, except I wish to know your thought process. What goes on in that ageless all knowing head of yours.

Let there be light.
Some serious WL as in (White Lightning blogger extraordinaire) Steez. If you know or are familiar with the blog then you have seen the serious style she posseses and her shoe game is sick.

Best for last right here only cos I couldn't add these YSL cage boots.
metallic leather Alexander McQueen peep-toe boots are METALLIC and LEATHAH sorry for repeating myself but, that was needed. They look like the shoes a cold killah futuristic streetfighter all around badass would wear. McQ outdid himself. for once.


Chester said...

I love the last shoes.

AFitz said...

my mind just blew.

it hurt. it hurt a lot.

Lori said...

i loved those alexander mcqueen shoes from the moment that i first saw them....

Ezra said...

interesting blog

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is