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Thursday, October 22, 2009

She insist she got more class, we know.

(I wrote this whilst listening to some rap music, so if I use confusing/ /out of date slang please pay it no mind)

More maniacal crazy dress time! Yay! I really thought about this selection and wanted to choose some especially gnarly combinations. Is insanity a theme? because there's surely alot of that going on with these dresses below, if the dress wasn't especially drastic/ /dope/ /miraculous then I excluded it. 'nuff said.

Bora Aksu
I haven't seen this brand getting attention on other blogs, which is totally absurd considering this was one of my favourite collections.
Things that make it awesome: a.) the cut/ /silhouette of this dress is really QT! b.) the detailing is otherworldly. c.) I could see this featured in like a Tim Walker editorial or something equally whimsical. ABCs biznitch!

threeASFOUR is always exciting to see, the entire presentation makes this brand one of the few highlights at NYFW. I also really loved the makeup situation. Okay, with that said, I should mention the reason I posted this: THAT. DRESS. (do you like my creative use of caps lock? I'm sure you do.) It's all ~flowy and stuff. (a peak into the mind of true intellectualism, you guise.) No, but seriously, the fabric utilized allowed for the dress to hang in a way that made it 10 times more elegant/ /awesome than any other ldb.

Peter Pilotto
Peter Pilotto is amazingly talented, It's truly a shame it took this collection to bring his awesomeness to my attention. but like how could you deny that this print/ /silhouette/ /colour usage is not the best thing you've ever seen. Don't you dare say it's not! (fear my exclamation point!) (lol)

Is it just me or does every dress Marchesa makes (yay alliteration) seem like it could be in a goddamn fairytale? Me thinks that chick Cinderella would rock this well. I hear pale pink (moar alliteration!) frocks go great w/ glass slippers.

Toni Maticevski
Question: DID YOU NOT JUST DIE WHEN YOU SAW THIS? ....sorry to break it to you but if your answer was 'no' then there is no way that we can be friends. sorry. that's just how I roll. I mean, this is kind of perfection in a handbasket. A few parting words: TULLE CLUMPS ON TOP, EVENING DRESS ON BOTTOM.

Peter Pilotto (again)
This man can do no wrong. I love how this dress reminds me of like the surface of some awesomely awesome undiscovered planet...or something... and then its like 'whoa! out of nowhere some shimmery metallic situation'.
If that made no sense to you I say in short, this makes me happy.

Josh Goot
Simple, yet awesome..... simply awesome? Yes indeed.

Charles Anastase
Despite the whole 'reminds me of a ~chic toga' thing going on I just can't help but love it...

I haven't seen anything more perfect. I have a feeling detail shot of this would blow my mind. Me thinks sea foam green should be used in delicate little frocks more often!

Toni Maticevski
Did i mention that I absolutely love anything made by Toni Maticevski? Allow me to reiterate: I love anything by Toni Maticevski. Point blank, end of story.

(all fotos via NY mag)

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