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Monday, October 19, 2009

severe and delicate looking dresses

....and here is a post in which I go on about dresses (even though the chances of you seeing me in one are slim to none, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal)

also uh...no bigs...Just me RETURNING to The StReeT Chanteuse after a month long affair with my tumbelog. The affair meant nothing. Just lots of rampant foto uploading and very few words. For me having a Tumblr is sorta mindless, no thought is really involved. (I'm not speaking for all tumblrs because I know a few I check on the regs and there are some awesome themed tumblrs as well, like Elvis Depressley and I Am Voldie Fierce, for instance) When did I promise to post consistently?! No... I didn't, but I'm sure if I make a promise I'll probs just end up breaking it. I mean that's what promises are made for, to be broken... I believe either a very wise or very foolish person told me that, either or.

Basso & Brooke
(This collection of my favourites are in no particular order, so If you're offended by the fact that I have Basso & Brooke first and not like Oscar de la Renta or Marchesa just know that I have plenty more dresses to showcase and fawn over)

...so obviously I fell for the print, but mainly I liked the mix of the bold colour palette w/ the nude underlay. NICE WORK.

Tadashi Shoji
Look 4 from Tadashi Shoji had me all wound up. I really loved the intricate ruching and just overall coolness of this dress..... SEVERE FO SHO'

Basso & Brooke (again)
I like the length of this dress, it's like.... more severe~ness for the eye to soak up. Almost too much, but then again not too much. ya know?

Charles Anastase
I think this could be simply put as 'I like what I like'. Granted this dress might not be all that severe, but it is plenty delicate. So in short, it fits in. (p.s. I'm a sucker for tulle, and especially red tulle against beige)

Antonio Berardi
I've seen this silhouette before, but since it hasn't been overly done I was glad to see it again. When I say 'glad to see it again' I mean like as in one of those distant relatives, you know the type, who rarely visits but when they do you know to expect one of two things 1.) a wicked nice heirloom that they dug out of their attic and set it aside just for you 2.) they will give you and your siblings a whole 10 bucks to DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH (10 bucks each equals big ballin' back in the 90s). Also the jewel encrusted bodice situation doesn't hurt either.

Sachin and Babi
Just a cute and quirky little number, perfect for something that I can't quite describe but I'm sure it involves a clown.

Flowy-ethereal-godlike-miraculousness. Yes, that is how I describe this dress. Got a problem with it? no? didn't think so.

Frank Tell
Am I that far into the post where I can just say, 'whatever is happening here, I dig it' and leave it at that? gosh I hope so. because that's all I got, its a secksy little dress with a sort of awkward construction but I think I would party in it.

John Rocha
This reminds me of what a brides gown might be in like the 60s? Am I reaching?? I don't know... it doesn't have a vintage feel to it but I do get kind of a free love and flower power~y vibe (holy shit I italicized 3 times in this sentence. I am on a roll!) Def not a traditional bridal gown, maybe modern?

Michael Angel

sorta a pseudo Rick Owens silhouette going on here... not exactly but kind of a little bit. anywho I LIKE IT.

Obligatory Luella dress, hahaha j/k. I really did like this dress. Despite the kitschy feel I think it was executed tastefully. Plus, need I mention, It's Luella after all. She can do no wrong.

Viktor & Rolf

Holy Shizballs. Nothing can touch this. *cue MC Hammer song* *insert me dancing awkwardly*

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I kind of like this black patchworky dress.

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