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Saturday, March 28, 2009

i don't do womens just Raf Simons

.........I should sleep more and stop googling the word 'amazing' at all hours of the night, huh?

This is the fashion illustration of Laura Laine... this is why i love her (see below)

I love how her illustrations have such life to them like a little daydreamer like me could actually see these girls rushing to go to a fashn event or something like that, doesn't it look like they are going somewhere and extremely late. tis a shame that when I'm late I look like a savage beast, or a hipster on a bad day. usually with my toothbrush still in my mouth and missing a trainer, then i have to run back into the house to get said trainer then I'm even more late... moral of the story is don't be late. ever.

So much love for this line its ridic.
i mean i love they're back story you must read how this line came to be (go ahead click the link) also they have like a concept of theme for each collection and it actually looks good, not cheesy, i also like the secretary collection and they put inspirational poems on their website as well.. how cute is that?

Last but not least one of my fav models, there are sooo many that i love shout out to Jourdan Dunn i see you making london proud!!!, but i digress she is awesome and also poseses so much steez i wish i could raid her closet then have tea with her to chat about other not fashion things like favourite foods and mutual love for amusement parks... could you imagine iekeleine loving amusement parks... me neither!


My inspiration file that I have saved on my computer is overflowing with random awesomeness that i stumble upon while searching the web.. mostly from here and here oh and here too, tumblr and weheartit have been very helpful in keeping me from dressing in sweatpants and un ironed tees(oh the horror) and not Y-3 type sweatpants either(oh the joy). You must visit the tumblrs listed. or Cohl Mohr will melt your brain. You decide your fate... on a light note

So much inspiration at this moment i don't know what to do with myself... i decided to post multiple blogs featuring all that inspires me... this will be intense so hold on to your britches. enjoy!!!

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is so talented and everytime I listen to sincerely jane i dance my ass off, that or sing along to an imaginary sold out audience... a girl can dream can't she? (day.. dream.. errrr! Adele? anyone? anyone???)

Cat on a hot tin roof
Just because this is so damn good... i have to admit when i saw this movie for the first time i cried, laughed, and wanted to slap the main character all in the span of 5 min. its that intense... fave part is:

Paul Newman: what is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?

Elizabeth Taylor(aka maggie the cat): staying on i guess, staying on long as she can.

And scene.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok so I died when I saw these from the Salvatore Ferragamo for Yohji Yamamoto collection and even way before the collection debuted and was strutting down the runway in a red hue as I remember. Could you imagine the sight of the always wise Yohji and the Flamboyant over the toppness of Salvatore (first name basis of course) in a room. thinking. for the common good.

I imagine it as being a yin and yang type thing one side very stark and white
(Yohji's side obvs) whilst the other is an organized mess with sketches strewn everywhere in the loudest colours and every hue imaginable and then they come together in the middle to share their ideas and the world becomes a better place. the end.

No shoegasm is complete without a pair of Chanel pumps.
Um. Karl! Lets talk. Why is there a Light Bulb on the heel of this shoe? I know you are not supposed to question greatness but, no there is no excuse, except I wish to know your thought process. What goes on in that ageless all knowing head of yours.

Let there be light.
Some serious WL as in (White Lightning blogger extraordinaire) Steez. If you know or are familiar with the blog then you have seen the serious style she posseses and her shoe game is sick.

Best for last right here only cos I couldn't add these YSL cage boots.
metallic leather Alexander McQueen peep-toe boots are METALLIC and LEATHAH sorry for repeating myself but, that was needed. They look like the shoes a cold killah futuristic streetfighter all around badass would wear. McQ outdid himself. for once.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The fact that I have these glasses marked in my inspiration file under amazeballs should say enough but I must say when i saw these on hard liquor soft holes I was like yeah its official I want those..... then I saw the price, ok ok ok $75 is a bit much but imagine the memories you could make with these bad boys on? could imagine showing up at school with what has been dubbed the new blinders. Kanye West eat your heart out.

Buy these glasses. just do it. they're amazing.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just a taste of CdG. more to come. this is just the beginning. like I have to start breathing again and come out of this induced coma before I can make collages and poems to profess my love.

Tao. You are twisted, in a good way like the kind of twisted lil wayne is when he feels like dying.

junya Watanabe. What possessed you to make something so gorgy (as in gorgeous) you make me hyperventilate. numerous times.
Yohji Yohji Yohji, just cos I like saying it. Oh and to put into words how many times I had to pick my jaw up from the ground. like it was serious biz. I know you saw this. Oh and a colabo with Salvatore Ferragamo. just to throw that in there.

maison martin margiela

Friday, March 6, 2009


Ally Sheedy revisited.

Come on now! you know you see the resemblance. When I saw this coming down the runway via style.com I immediately thought and I quote "Yo! That chick looks like ally sheedy" better known as the character she plays "allison reynolds" circa 1980 something(if you get the movie and classic character reference then I love you forevs).
So here we have model Freja Beha channeling her inner awesomeness. Observe. Watch and Take Notes. Thank you designers Dean and Dan of Dsquared for this. Though I would have preferred Docs, to me wellies or rain boots just don't make sense.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I feel like Oprah doing a before and after piece but I felt like I should address it.
Question for designer Richard Nicoll: Did the coat offend you in some way? I think it looks rather smart the first way but you seemed to think otherwise. I mean a see thru rain slicker anorak sort of thing A. it see thru B. It protects your body from the rain. EVERYONE WINS. And lets take a moment to discuss the outfit under said anorak, a tube corset thing (best fashion blogger right here, seeing as how I am so educated and in depth, not (sarcasm)) with pale skinnys a little bland for my taste but I like nonetheless. Now for the ask the audience portion of the show. Which way do you like the look best? ( I really played the Oprah thing to the fullest, couldn't you just imagine me having an in depth conversation with a woman who was obsessed with exotic animals or something intense like that)

(style.com baby)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I wish I could get clo-ser to you.

Not sure what to call it seeing as how it is neither nor a jacket or quite yet a cape. Has left me a bit, well I am a bit confounded. On a light note I wonder what it feels to be the outsider of outerwear (pun intended) not accepted in the coat section and if it was accepted I'm sure they talk about it behind its unfinished back. What a shame. If you have the real name for this please enlighten a ignorant blogger. Nonetheless I have seen this "trend of sorts" from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between(my limerick skills are improving I could very well be a leprechaun). Milan, London and even New York runway shows have had some variation of this "shoulder shield" (ah alliteration, all these years in school have paid off) There is the
"what I lack in sleeves I make up for in collar" look as well as the "Ha! I fooled you, just when you thought I was going to be a coat" look, complete with buttons and all, of course. What I would do is go as far as to maybe even give it a hood. Couldn't you imagine a coat that barely covers your womanly parts to go covering your head? insanity. or maybe I am the one who is insane for thinking this way, I choose the former.

(watch out for this look it's everywhere)

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is