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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

we bought some wine and some paper cups.

....it's been a while, yeah? yeah. gosh, I have so much to say and add to this blog; there is no way in hell I'd let it go/ /abandon it, f.y.i.
(I felt that needed to be said because it's the truth and I'm trying this new thing where I tell the truth in oh-ten.) Dig? Dug.

okaaaay, so, this is going to be sort of a combination inspo/ /what I've been wearing lately post. I rarely do "what I've been wearing post" so this is a treat, you know. It's nothing special because I am soooo lazy/ /lacking the drive to put forth an effort, which is ironic 'cos I have been sooooo damn inspired. Anywho, I took the time to purge my inspiration folder that I have saved on my computer, which took two days (Yes, it is the most satisfying compilation of images I have ever seen, let it be known.) just so I could carefully select exactly what I thought made sense and tied in well with this post. You see, I AM committed. Or I was just bored.... whatevs.

p.s. don't you just love my "Bitch, pleeaasse." face. It took me 16 yrs to perfect it.

this has become a uniform of sorts. blah.

Sorry that I'm so boring/ /I practically live in jeans and plimsolls.

.....I guess I'm kind of into all that is hard and tough and almost faintly feminine, it's hard to explain but makes sense in my mind.

Debbie Harry

I need this in my life.

Chloe Sevs

Chloe Sevs once again....
and now you know I wasn't bullshitting when I said this: http://twitter.com/alycupcakes/status/10775714958

(exaggerated n's for emphasis)
I hope those images gave you an idea of what I meant when I said, "I'm kind of into all that is hard and tough and almost faintly feminine" .....it's like every image shown above has this aesthetic in common. I really love, like, really really love the last picture of Woody Allen and Meryl Streep being all severe and delicate. Also, Debbie Harry: I want to be you.

.:the StReeT Chanteuse:.

Monday, February 1, 2010

you're outta time, you're outta time


The StReeT Chanteuse is O N E year old on today.
(italicised and bold and ALL-CAPS (see what I did there?) because it's just that intense)
The tender age of ONE. Can you believe it? Do you love it?? I sure do. I can't believe I made it....
Many times I wanted to jump ship, but I love TSC far too much. I really want to keep this going, I mean, we've got a good thing going, right? Why put an end to all the fun!

Looking Back: A year ago I had high hopes and naive thoughts... Guess what.....? (well placed rhetorical question for dramatic effect, my english teacher would be proud) I am still every bit as hopeful and naive as I ever was. Umm, well, except I am now 16. Shit. Will be 17 in June and I kinda don't care? Well, it's not like I don't care, but it's just another age.
I kinda care more about my blog birthday then I do my irl one, hahaha. I wonder what that says about me as a person...... Pathetic? NO. (okay, maybe a teensy bit) Awesome? Yes. (not rly but)
Man ooh man, twenty-dime, let's do this.

.:The StReeT Chanteuse:.

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is