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Friday, November 27, 2009


Inspiration (as of November 28, 2009.... had to be said because what inspires changes as often as my mood)

Number (N)ine

This label was purely ahead of its time. (look at the cut of that coat?! very aristocratic but young and fresh all the while) Constantly showing looks that were insanely crafted and made me wish I was a lad, just so I could pull them off.

Dash Snow, Ryan McGinley & Dan Colen
So far I have been really inspired by menswear, as you can tell. Not only the clothing but the men wearing the clothing has been a great inspiration. (R.I.P. Dash) Look at them, they have this air about them that is something I would like to hone in my outfits. I actually did the ripped clothing thing all summer, receiving inspiration from a beach bum named Jim, now for autumn I think I'll do it the Dan Colen way.

Amelia Earhart
This is that original pilot/ /mysterious steez that I have been trying to get down packed for a long time now. I'm thinking screw wayfarers, bring back aviators and then disappear to parts unknown?! Sounds like a plan.

Jen Brill & Lauren Santo Domingo
A.K.A. dope-bitches-that-I could-never-be. I mean just look at how amazing they both look?! It crushes the soul, and I mean that in the highest form of flattery.

That one creepy editorial that didn't creep me out instead it inspired me

I remember seeing this and being like, "holy shit, that's odd." but the more I looked at it the more I began to dig it.

Woody Allen
I don't care what you have to say about this guy, because I think he's awesome. Why yes, that is the same guy waving at you in my sidebar. DEAL WITH IT. (p.s. doesn't this photo remind you of nerdboyfriend.com)

I may not know who these dudes are, or even which "snap" (dropsnap, stylesnap, etc) site I found them at, but I do know that they are probably the most stylish fellows on the planet. (not that Sartorialist bullshit)

Chloe Sevs

Um, I luh you!

(photos found at various places throughout the internets)
.:The StReeT Chanteuse:.

"I am just an ordinary fashion victim, with an aversion to humans, and best described as being pensive and peculiar..."

...so I have come to the realization that I don't care what people think. I couldn't count how many times I have been called, "weird" or an "oddball" by my peers, and to be honest, I don't give a shit. Not giving a shit is a wonderful feeling. I should let it be known that I have been severely self conscious since about the age of 10.... So that means that I have never been able to acknowledge/ /accept compliments, which sucks. Also I became afraid that if I speak my mind I will be disliked, not only by other ppl, but most importantly by myself. Which really fucking sucks.

Having this negative/ /low opinion of myself has gotten easier to deal with throughout the years, and up until now I hadn't thought about how much I dislike(d) myself. I mindlessly treated every day as I did the one previous, hating myself a little bit more. What's even worse is that I let this uncomfortable version of myself take over. I can only be my true self when I am alone..... Such a scary/ /weird thing to finally admit, but it's true.
Around others I tend to come off as being very uncomfortable and awkward (which is me twenty-four sevs), when in actuality I am naturally super calm and chill.

And so I had the thought, "What if everyone knew the real me? Would they even like me? Of course they wouldn't like me.... I mean, I don't even like me half the time." and so I got sad, for a moment, but after that momentary sadness faded I came to the realization that I don't care what people think. No one should care what people think.
Just as long as you dig yourself, then everything else will fall into place.

.:The StReeT Chanteuse:.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

About Me

name: Amber 'ReallyEmbarrassingMiddleNameThatStartsWithAn'L' Young (A.L.Y.)

age: 16

where do you live?: {the suburbs of} Washington D.C.

what do you do?: I worry, I hide, I smile, I worry some more, I question existence, I indulge : )

favourite colour?: purple

favourite cake?: Don’t particularly care for cake…

favourite song at the moment?: Two by The Antlers
(I featured this song on this here blog once before, now I'm kinda going through a revival of sorts)

a woman that inspires(d) you?: Daul Kim

do you find that collections need to have some sort of aesthetic appeal even if they are highly conceptual?: Yes and no. The idea of a collection (imo) is to be a medium between the consumer and the designer, so if a collection translates well to the consumer then of course it will succeed, no doubt about it. Sometimes the consumer will not understand what the designer was trying to say, and that is a problem, a lot of designers have this trouble and it happens to be conceptual designers that fall victim to this miscommunication most often, which is sad to see but they should keep in mind that before there is fashion there is function. (though most conceptual designers have a loyal fan base)

Who is your favourite Tim Burton character?: Probs...Edward Scissorhands/ /Betelgeuse!
(I loved these two movies as a kid and every time I saw Edward Scissorhands I could somehow identify with Edward, idk I just sort of saw a bit of myself in him, so quiet and misunderstood, and I hated when that dude tried to mistake Edwards kindness for weakness)

most used phrase?: 'this is tragic'
(I say 'this is tragic' about anything and everything, like if It rains on a day I forgot to pack an umbrella then my response would be 'this is tragic' hahaha, I'm so lame)

favourite quote?: {this is a tad hard since I have recently found so many amazing Daul Kim quotes}
I shall be diplomatic and go with: "Change is nature, the part that you can influence, and it starts when you decide." -Ratatouille (yes, I do mean the Disney character. I love that movie!)

what is your favourite accesorie?: I wear a brown beaded bracelet (I call them my love beads) every day, so I guess that qualifies as my favourite.

what is your favourite television show?: Weeds.

how many siblings do you have?: 1 brother and 1 sister.
what are you thinking right now?: "It's cold in here. Oh my. Why do I have the fan on? I should probably turn the fan off."

how did you get interested in fashion?: Well to be honest... I'm not sure. For a long time I was just that girl whose fashion knowledge went as far as a monthly Teen Vogue subscription (My sister was actually the one who begged for the subscription, but eventually she lost interest and I gained interest) I mean I know TV isn't exactly AVANT AWESOME but it was where I started. Actually I was always more into interior design and would watch HGTV like it was my job, but eventually I lost interest (I tend to do that allot, lose interest with things, I become bored easy) but this fashion shit kind of just stuck... I am naturally a 'tomboy' so what I used to do was wear the same old things over and over again, but eventually I realized that I don't keep wearing these clothes because I lack a proper wardrobe, it's because these items are staples in my wardrobe. I needed them to feel complete. I believe it was the day I realized that I became interested in fashion. I have come a lonnnnnng way from those days of treating TV like it was a bible, now I'm more into Prim and METAL mag and RUSSH and shit like that. Just looking at me you wouldn't even guess that I know who Rei Kawakubo, let alone how to spell it. But I do, and I am glad that I do.

what is one thing you have hanging on your wall?: {interesting question, hahaha} I have a framed page tear-out from an old Urban Outfitters lookbook (only because I liked the photography by Tim Barber) and I scribbled a lyric from Sunlight In A Jar by The Lucksmiths/ /threw gold glitter on it.

grab a book nearby you and flip to page 102. what is the first sentence you notice?: {I love these interesting questions!} "She has everything, yet she faces, I fear, a life of heartbreak," Francis told her, according to her memory.
(if you were interested, the book is an Elizabeth Taylor, my favourite actress, biography by J. Randy Taraborrelli)

you use the 'ou' combination a lot, are you European?: Yes! I was born in east end {of London} and raised all around the world... I wouldn't call one specific place my home since I move so frequently.

do you have a boyfriend?: I have a Jonah.... I'm not sure what we are, but we do have something special.

how many languages do you speak?: um, English and broken Spanish/ /Korean/ /Latin ...so that makes four.

your Tumblr is lovely: (Um, this wasn't a question but I figured I should post this) Um, thanks!

what is one thing you would change about yourself?: I hate that I constantly second guess myself, so that would probably be a trait I wouldn't mind losing. Also I wish I could always feel complete and not empty like I feel at times.

what is your luxury?: My luxury is coming home and tumblring in the evenings/ /reading blogs and then watching my favourite movies in a seemingly endless cycle.

do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?: Yes! (mainly 90s hip-hop). I really do enjoy this genre, here are some songs that are on constant rotation on my iPod:

The Geto Boys- Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster

Alive- Kid Cudi

(I am the BIGGEST Kid Cudi fan)

The Cool Kids-Schoolin'

The Knux - Roxxanne

what year were you born?: 1993! (90s baby fo' sho')

what's your ethnicity?: I have no idea.

favorite kind of food?: truthfully.... asparagus! (I'm vegan)

what is your favourite season?: autumn!

what is your favourite holiday?: Christmas

Whoa. I loved the questions (BIG thanks to alllll who participated)! Um, so I guess I'm no longer a mystery.... : )

I hope you enjoyed my answers as much as I enjoyed your questions... okay, I'm gonna go watch American Pie 2 now.

Rest In Peace, daulmonster

DAULMONSTER foreverrrrrr

I don't have much to say, so won't say anything. All I would like to do is quote her, the following was taken from her blog:

i have stepped into a new world
a new start
a change
no more hate
no more sadness
no more thoughts."
- Daul Kim

Her writings were always nothing short of profound, but all the while a bit detached from reality, an undeniable sadness. Say hi to forever, love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm higher than the Star Trek enterprise.

a little late on the draw but I thought, "Hey, you might as well seeing as how this collab is something you would have never expected."

Rodarte for Target. About as expectable as an infant on hard drugs. Basically shit just ain't happening. But in actuality, it is happening. In December to be exact, and yes, I am in fact counting the days. EXCITEMENT IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH.

Let me be super obvious and cheesy and say this: LBD. I kind of love it? (that question mark is because I dig it, but I'm not sure why) Out of all my blogger freindz I could def picture this on Hail Mary. Super cute. Did I mention I adore her and her blog?

What have we here? Sexy high wasted situation and CARDIGANS.
I know that cardigans are over-rated but I'm a sucker for them, especially lacey ones, mustard orange ones. You know the type.

This is a note to the first look:
DAMN IT, why do I dig you so much? By normal circumstances this would be such a 'no' it's not even funny, but I can't help it. I just can't.

(pics via nymag.com)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Look at this mysterious GQMF

Allow me to reiterate:

Look at this mysterious GQMF:

Did you think I, as a blogger, would able to NOT acknowledge the next levs~ness that was CdG spring/ /summer '10?! If you thought that then you are sadly mistaken. When I saw this collection, not gonna front, I may or may not have dropped a tear.

Question: Is love too strong a word for someone you have never met/ /couldn't fathom meeting, even in your WILDEST dreams. (of course I dream about fashn, it's like totes all I think about. NO I DO NOT DREAM ABOUT THAT DUDE IN MY GYM CLASS, lol wut gave you the slightest inclination?!)

Clash of galaxies
An image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows two galaxies merging into one beautiful mess known as NGC 2623. The picture, based on data acquired in 2007, was released on Oct. 13.

What does this have to do with Comme des Garcons you ask? It has everything to do with it. They are both completely unexplainable natural phenomenons that blow my mind. so there you have it. I just made a connection w/ the universe and Comme.

A peek into the mind of a genius, you guise:
When I saw this I thought, "Belle could DIY that. Then I remembered that I have no talent whatsoever, except the fact that I am an awesome improviser person.

What mainly caught my attention was the fact that Rei seemed to revert back to the basics, I should let it be known that this 'digging into the archives and coming up with the most timeless shit ever', actually reaffirmed my love for her. (as if there was ever a doubt)

Did you notice that:





I need to own that jacket. I foresee it being a best seller. "So classic, so COMME."

Hey look, another picture of outer space.
The hair at CdG reminded me of the colours in this photo, so this serves as that and a break in between the brain numbing awesomeness.

Four of the galaxies are interacting in a gravitational dance. Isn't this awesome? I kinda want to photoshop myself into this picture busting out some 'killer moves' (air quouts because the only thing that my 'moves' kill is my dignity. but whatevs)

Um, purple is my favourite colour. did you know that, Rei?! *smiles manically*

(CdG pics via style.com; outer space pics via msnbc.com)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're chaineeeeeeeed

Shoe lust part deux. (well not really since I've done like 3 'shoe lust' post here and here) Me thinks this should be an ongoing thing.... Yeah? Yeah. If you know me then you know I have been collecting Nike Dunks and other especially awesome trainers since I could walk. So out of all the things I talk about on this here blog these post mean the most to me. Also I should add that I covered THOSE Chanel light up heels in my first ever 'Shoegasm' post way back in March of this year. They are so dope. I wonder whey ppl are just now fawning over them? Hmmm...

Awesome kicks by ???

These are the most beaten up/ /amazing kicks to ever exist. EVER. I believe that if I owned them they would become my 'go to trainer', like to slip on and just go places... I don't necessarily know what places I would be going but I know it would be awesome.

I know I'm not the typical 'Versace girl', but I can't help but love these. They remind me of the curtains in my nan's (aka grandmother) tea room. Which of course brings back lovely childhood memories and so on. In short, I apparently can make connections with Versace heels and my childhood. FUCKING GLAMOROUS.

I gather that if you don't own these (me included) your life is significantly less fulfilled. I mean I don't want to be the person to say 'ZOMG I LOVE THESE' but uh, ZOMG I LOVE THESE... Oooops! Couldn't help it.

Alexander McQueen
All I can say is, "Try to copy this Steve Madden" Although I should add that I'd simultaneously give Steve Madden the middle finger whilst patting him on the back, that is if he could pull this off.

Converse x Missoni
Did I mention I'm a sneaker head? Oh.. I didn't, well I am. So its kind of a given that I love these kicks. You could wear them so many ways since the tribal print has the diff colours included.

Diet Butcher (Slim Skin boot)
I've noticed that 'work boots' or industrial boots have been getting play in some editorials and showing up on more ppl on streetstyle blogs. I really dig this trend, and I can just borrow my Dads old work boots FOR FREE as opposed to buying from a store.... but if I were to buy from a store I would purchase these.

Casely-Hayford Spring ‘10
Uff, these are so cute! Don't you agree? Of course you do, why wouldn't you. Its like the epitome of a good shoe.

They are a goddamn ROLLOVER STUDDED COMBAT BOOT. nuff said.

Louis Vuitton
So I should say before I type anything that I am in no way a 'label whore'. You kinda have to love these... plus the fact that I saved these in my file labled 'Shoe Lust' (you see I am not making this shit up, a file on my computer actually is labled Shoe Lust) under the name 'Louis Vuitton omg these are seckss'

Nike Liberty Milkfed Dunk Hi

Remember when I said 'I collect Nike Dunks' well these are Nike Dunks, and these are a part of my collection...
Say hi to them, they will say hi back. They're very friendly, you know. (I do admit that I am slightly strange. So What.)

I am not worthy. These particular YSL booties are that of the wonderful Childhood Flames. and like I previously stated, I am not worthy.

Vivienne Westwood Bondage Boot
Just. Look. At. Them.

(fotos found at various places on the internets, most are from this Tumblr)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

She insist she got more class, we know.

(I wrote this whilst listening to some rap music, so if I use confusing/ /out of date slang please pay it no mind)

More maniacal crazy dress time! Yay! I really thought about this selection and wanted to choose some especially gnarly combinations. Is insanity a theme? because there's surely alot of that going on with these dresses below, if the dress wasn't especially drastic/ /dope/ /miraculous then I excluded it. 'nuff said.

Bora Aksu
I haven't seen this brand getting attention on other blogs, which is totally absurd considering this was one of my favourite collections.
Things that make it awesome: a.) the cut/ /silhouette of this dress is really QT! b.) the detailing is otherworldly. c.) I could see this featured in like a Tim Walker editorial or something equally whimsical. ABCs biznitch!

threeASFOUR is always exciting to see, the entire presentation makes this brand one of the few highlights at NYFW. I also really loved the makeup situation. Okay, with that said, I should mention the reason I posted this: THAT. DRESS. (do you like my creative use of caps lock? I'm sure you do.) It's all ~flowy and stuff. (a peak into the mind of true intellectualism, you guise.) No, but seriously, the fabric utilized allowed for the dress to hang in a way that made it 10 times more elegant/ /awesome than any other ldb.

Peter Pilotto
Peter Pilotto is amazingly talented, It's truly a shame it took this collection to bring his awesomeness to my attention. but like how could you deny that this print/ /silhouette/ /colour usage is not the best thing you've ever seen. Don't you dare say it's not! (fear my exclamation point!) (lol)

Is it just me or does every dress Marchesa makes (yay alliteration) seem like it could be in a goddamn fairytale? Me thinks that chick Cinderella would rock this well. I hear pale pink (moar alliteration!) frocks go great w/ glass slippers.

Toni Maticevski
Question: DID YOU NOT JUST DIE WHEN YOU SAW THIS? ....sorry to break it to you but if your answer was 'no' then there is no way that we can be friends. sorry. that's just how I roll. I mean, this is kind of perfection in a handbasket. A few parting words: TULLE CLUMPS ON TOP, EVENING DRESS ON BOTTOM.

Peter Pilotto (again)
This man can do no wrong. I love how this dress reminds me of like the surface of some awesomely awesome undiscovered planet...or something... and then its like 'whoa! out of nowhere some shimmery metallic situation'.
If that made no sense to you I say in short, this makes me happy.

Josh Goot
Simple, yet awesome..... simply awesome? Yes indeed.

Charles Anastase
Despite the whole 'reminds me of a ~chic toga' thing going on I just can't help but love it...

I haven't seen anything more perfect. I have a feeling detail shot of this would blow my mind. Me thinks sea foam green should be used in delicate little frocks more often!

Toni Maticevski
Did i mention that I absolutely love anything made by Toni Maticevski? Allow me to reiterate: I love anything by Toni Maticevski. Point blank, end of story.

(all fotos via NY mag)

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is