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Monday, February 16, 2009

Be more awesome why don't you

This T reminds me of A. Wangs apartment. if you click the link then you will understand what I mean. Manhattan. Design Studio. Models. Sooooo A. Wang. as an homage to him I am writing as little and sparse as I can. End.

"I Cant get enough Minimalism"This shirt just makes me lol like every time I see it I laugh. I suppose this says a lot about me, I have been told that you can tell alot about a person by the things that make them laugh. I couldn't have written anything more random if I tried. The person who created this deserved the $500.
"You can't spell random without tangerine swordfish disco car"
This is just 'cos I feel like most people had different, outlandish as they may have been, aspirations when they were five to now. I wanted to be an astronaut. What about you? That whole astronaut thing was only 10 years ago and I have already abandoned that dream. I plan on going to university and major in Art History, which from what I'm told wont qualify me to go to outerspace. But hey at least I still have my imagination. ; )

"Life is Like a box of terrible analogies"

You know it's true. You can count on threadless to get a play on words in your T-shirt.

(all T-shirt photos from threadless.com, witty commentary is all me)


Separates, not together.

Am I right???

The new issue of nylon is a bit dissatisfying seeing as how I don't really read this sort of thing, I prefer political satire and fodder like that offered in the onion, it was a bit overrated in my opinion. I hear they have a new art director so there layout has changed but that doesn't really have anything to do with the fact that the articles are a bit behind, like a few things are not exactly current. I happen to be a fan of Camilla belle but clearly the stylist on set didn't do their research, because the look she went for, on the cover especially, was I will say not my cup of tea or anything you would see her in. Not to diss the individual pieces, like I like them individually, together was a fail

When I think of Camilla Belle this is what comes to mind:

just didn't seem like her. thats all i'm saying. Maybe she is trying a new look?

Friday, February 13, 2009


JC in the sky with diamonds.
Can I get an I die. Like does this not personify everything you should want in a mate?
Plus the fact he is toting a stuffed animal down the runway is too cute! I would be nervous to and I have a few furry friends who calm me down so I understand.
(also they match, if you hadn't noticed)
O Hai there you fun runway, you! The least intimidating runway I have seen as of late. Since "the Ush'"
(as in usual) for a runway is a stark white, to compliment the models bony bods? I don't know, maybe.
TiTle of this: I am Awesome And because of this sheer fact there is no need for le pants.
*uses best french accent, still fails miserably though*
( photos taken by way of google from the John- Charles de Castelbajac "JC in the sky with diamonds" collection)

Some simple parting words: I DIG YOU.
Le Link to a magical place:


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wit beyond measure is Mans greatest treasure

(its true)

I love the new batch of type tees on threadless, which is weird because usually I'm hyper bitter at the fact that I never seem to make the cut and a chosen bunch do.

This time I checked the type tees out I actually chuckled a couple of times and it was a genuine chuckle not one dripping with disdain. Who knew something as innocent as a smile could be so sinister but if thats any indication to the type of person I am then feel free to judge.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Full of secrets

I purchased this fan in Korea and it is perfect for covering your face when you wish for anonymity amongst other things.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Salvador Dali

A Book Was Made for his Mustache.
nuff said.
Do you see the epicness of his 'stache (yeah its that cool) or is it just me (if not double takes are in order)
Mr. Dali you remind me of my great great eccentric grandfather (Oh HAI there Magic Velvet Blazer!!!)

I would do things to be this woman and experience the majorness firsthand. I'm sure she has seen alot of things in her life and she is in awe. Imagine a vertically challenged teen. (insert me)

An Ode To a Man:

You are an innovator.

So what people may not understand you at times.

I myself find it hard to see your true meaning.
Surrealism is, and i mean this is the best way, the personification of you.

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is