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Friday, September 25, 2009

loose lips

Eley Kishimoto-- YES! this collection gave me everything I've been looking for, it was playful, but not banal, different but not like a 'theatre kid who sits outside and talks to a tree during lunch' kind of different just a refreshing kinda different. I also love how they played with patterns and different colour combinations.

Um, hello decent pattern clash! Very nice, even though it has that 80s feel, it wasn't 80s in an obvious way.
This reminds me more of something that a daytime talk show host might of worn, that days headline story being something dramatic like "twins separated at birth discuss the long journey to finding one another at last; sub story being: STAGE MOMS: CRAZY OR JUST "MISUNDERSTOOD"? also some paternity test findings revealed for good measure. or maybe a kindergarten teacher, yeah I could totes picture that.... okay moving right along....

not much to say but: adorbz!

I made a note that what I loved about this was the necklace: so cute, non?

patterns = YAY

I'm not sure how I woulda felt about this if I saw it alone as a separate, but the complete look that was presented makes me want it, idk. Its like when you walk into a boutique and see a look on a mannequin and say, "oh, that's cute" and buy it in hopes that it looks just as good on you as it did on the mannequin? but you take it home and realize it was kinda all wrong for your body shape and just a NO in general? yeah that's how this makes me feel...

love this, they really went crazy w/ the cuts of the clothing

That top would kinda would be perfect for an Americana editorial in like Teen Vogue or something, but I'll always be a sucker for a chunky heel & sock pairing a la Marni resort '10 (I still love that collection, now I compare everything to it)

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