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Monday, September 14, 2009

beautiful music when champagne flutes click

Jeremy Laing has been my most 'saved in inspiration file on computer'/ /most 'OMG I love that' collection.
Do you know how hard it was to narrow it down to these 5?? very. I have damn near all 21 looks.
I even pondered the thought of putting every single one in this post. (just so I could fangirl and describe in detail why I think it's awesome)
I will make a note of an undeniable fact, the collection did have a Rick Owens vibe, but not in a copycat kinda way.... So its all good, he was more like paying homage to that way of design, which is what JL is good at, and anything that is Rick Owens esque is a win.

So glad to see something different, I've been reviewing what seem like the same collectionz for like 4 days straight. Towards the end of fashn week the collections sort of blend togeths in my mind and you can't remember if you saw the talon heeled shoe at Siriano or A Wang (clearly I know those were at Siriano, but still)
It has been difficult to find things that are interesting -and most importantly without a bore- in this sea of
“I took inspiration from: *insert obvious cliche like *beauty for the sake of beauty* or *fashion for the sake of fashion* or *HEY DID YOU HEAR THE 70s ARE COOL AGAIN*”... So I commend Jeremy Laing for not adding to this stigma.

Just that PRO

You gotta love it. It's impossible to hate it.

Jeremy Laing. SO DOPE.

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