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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley described her collection as, "something that's both scary and pretty" it really intrigues me that a designer, whose job is to in a way make a girl forget about all the scary things in life (imo fashion is like an escape) would base a collection off of something scary. Now maybe I'm looking too far into this but if you think about it, it's kind of genius.

When I first saw this look I uttered, "I dig this alot" I didn't even have to examine the whole outfit, it was a tad involuntary, and I think that's how a person should feel about their clothing... if you don't make guttural sounds in approval and nod yer head rapidly than the designer did not succeed.

Oh my gosh isn't this stunning? I don't know if it's the colour palate (purple is my favourite colour, what's yours?) or the fact that this reminds me of an eerie midnight sky in October... or something, ugh so yeah... this has a bit of backwards unconventional whimsy going on, which is very refreshing.

I have a feeling this shade of blue would have looked even better in person, so for the sake of argument, I'm going to say: THIS PHOTO DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE.

What makes this dress stand out are the details, like the cute almost utilitarian brass buttons, and the hint of sheer at the bottom hem. (and those glasses don't hurt either, gimme!)

This is very school girl esque and even reminiscent of something a Tim Burton character might wear, which adds to that "pretty and scary" theme, every time I see it I can imagine someone being on their deathbed or even in a coffin wearing this dress, what can I say, I'm a HUGE fan of macabre.

I love the little slashes on this dress they give me the impression as if she was running through an overgrown forest to escape impending doom and her dress got caught by twigs, or maybe the forest was attacking her like in The Village, or something... ugh yeah, I LOVE those sunnies!

(all photos from style.com)

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