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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Salvador Dali

A Book Was Made for his Mustache.
nuff said.
Do you see the epicness of his 'stache (yeah its that cool) or is it just me (if not double takes are in order)
Mr. Dali you remind me of my great great eccentric grandfather (Oh HAI there Magic Velvet Blazer!!!)

I would do things to be this woman and experience the majorness firsthand. I'm sure she has seen alot of things in her life and she is in awe. Imagine a vertically challenged teen. (insert me)

An Ode To a Man:

You are an innovator.

So what people may not understand you at times.

I myself find it hard to see your true meaning.
Surrealism is, and i mean this is the best way, the personification of you.

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THE StReeT chanteuse is