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Monday, February 16, 2009

Be more awesome why don't you

This T reminds me of A. Wangs apartment. if you click the link then you will understand what I mean. Manhattan. Design Studio. Models. Sooooo A. Wang. as an homage to him I am writing as little and sparse as I can. End.

"I Cant get enough Minimalism"This shirt just makes me lol like every time I see it I laugh. I suppose this says a lot about me, I have been told that you can tell alot about a person by the things that make them laugh. I couldn't have written anything more random if I tried. The person who created this deserved the $500.
"You can't spell random without tangerine swordfish disco car"
This is just 'cos I feel like most people had different, outlandish as they may have been, aspirations when they were five to now. I wanted to be an astronaut. What about you? That whole astronaut thing was only 10 years ago and I have already abandoned that dream. I plan on going to university and major in Art History, which from what I'm told wont qualify me to go to outerspace. But hey at least I still have my imagination. ; )

"Life is Like a box of terrible analogies"

You know it's true. You can count on threadless to get a play on words in your T-shirt.

(all T-shirt photos from threadless.com, witty commentary is all me)

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Chester said...

I love the T-Shirts! My favorite would have to be the one about writing random.

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is