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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just a taste of CdG. more to come. this is just the beginning. like I have to start breathing again and come out of this induced coma before I can make collages and poems to profess my love.

Tao. You are twisted, in a good way like the kind of twisted lil wayne is when he feels like dying.

junya Watanabe. What possessed you to make something so gorgy (as in gorgeous) you make me hyperventilate. numerous times.
Yohji Yohji Yohji, just cos I like saying it. Oh and to put into words how many times I had to pick my jaw up from the ground. like it was serious biz. I know you saw this. Oh and a colabo with Salvatore Ferragamo. just to throw that in there.

maison martin margiela


Chester said...

Oooo... I posted a post about Tao too. There were some wackt outfits there.

In-tree-gue said...

all of these runways left me breathless. I don't know what I'd do with out paris

Chloe said...

I love all of these pictures!

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is