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Monday, March 2, 2009


I feel like Oprah doing a before and after piece but I felt like I should address it.
Question for designer Richard Nicoll: Did the coat offend you in some way? I think it looks rather smart the first way but you seemed to think otherwise. I mean a see thru rain slicker anorak sort of thing A. it see thru B. It protects your body from the rain. EVERYONE WINS. And lets take a moment to discuss the outfit under said anorak, a tube corset thing (best fashion blogger right here, seeing as how I am so educated and in depth, not (sarcasm)) with pale skinnys a little bland for my taste but I like nonetheless. Now for the ask the audience portion of the show. Which way do you like the look best? ( I really played the Oprah thing to the fullest, couldn't you just imagine me having an in depth conversation with a woman who was obsessed with exotic animals or something intense like that)

(style.com baby)

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