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Sunday, August 23, 2009


"It seems like an injustice to me that today's
fashion is only made for young, handsome and thin people. The whole world has a
right to dream, to feel more handsome."

--Gori de Palma

I love this quote for more reasons than one, mainly because it's saying everything that needs to be said about the fashion industry without being harsh, just factual.

There is this taboo about models and that they don't eat or whatever, but I believe the industry has pressures and adds to this stigma... I mean seeing pictures of stick thin actresses and T.V. personalities isn't exactly encouraging to the little girl who sees it glamourized on a daily basis, soon she'll feel ostracized for being herself, trust me. I'm not going to say I was affected, because I'm the type who can give a care or less about what Miley-whats-her-face or any of those Disney clones is currently doing... I guess I'm sort of worried for the kids who do, because what happens when the person they look up to lets them down? and all they ever knew was that this idol of theirs could never do any wrong. What happens then?

(This tiny rant was ispired by an amazingly inspirational blog I read daily Hail Mary. You must read this)

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Mary said...

Uh, hi, I have a crush on you.
Thank you, this made me feel warm inside.

THE StReeT chanteuse is

THE StReeT chanteuse is